Are Emily, Cam, Melinda, Marvin Still Together?

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Are Emily, Cam, Melinda, Marvin Still Together?

Safe to say that none of the contestants who signed up for Too Hot to Handle had any intention of leaving the show attached to a significant other, seeing as they didn’t even know they signed up for Too Hot to Handle in the first place. But you just never know when Cupid disguised as an AI cone might hit you, it seems. From the looks of Emily and Cam and Marvin and Melinda in the Netflix reality show’s finale, it turns out the hit show’s whole ‘sexless, self-help in bikinis’ premise might work after all. Maybe.

Though most of the other contestants were less lucky, Emily and Cam found love in the villa. And for now, even after a brief upset by new arrival Christina, it’s love of the lasting variety. Regarding her feelings for Cam, Emily told Cosmo UK in their live watch-along that “how I felt then is how I still feel now.” The pair of models also seem to be working together on promotional campaigns for Boohoo, which Emily shared to her Instagram story. The couple who influences together, stays together! Guess the $17,000 down the drain in the villa was worth it, after all.


As for Melinda and Marvin, it’s less clear. After a dramatic go of it on the series, Melinda and Marvin came out on top in the finale, as boyfriend and girlfriend discussing plans to meet each other’s families. They still follow and engage with one another on social media currently, but with her in New York and him in Paris, it’s to be seen if they’ve stood the test of distance and time…most likely in a forthcoming reunion episode, if we had to guess.

So the odds of coming out of this dating show actually dating someone are…close to zero. We sure bet that won’t stop Netflix from getting a third season in motion as soon as possible, though.

Lauren Kranc is an editorial assistant at Esquire, where she covers pop culture and television, with entirely too narrow of an expertise on Netflix dating shows.

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