Anthony Bourdain Explains Why Donald Trump’s Border Wall Is an ‘Utter Failure’

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Anthony Bourdain Explains Why Donald Trump’s Border Wall Is an ‘Utter Failure’

Anthony Bourdain didn’t live in a world with borders. His life and career was about breaking them down, about showing that there’s more that unites us than divides us, that food is a universal language we all understand. In one of his final incomplete episodes of Parts Unknown, Bourdain traveled to the border towns of west Texas, where he sat with Ty Mitchell, a bar owner in Marfa.

“My ranch is on the river, it’s on the border. You can’t survive without the river,” Mitchell tells Bourdain. “And we can’t survive without the people on that side of the river. They can’t survive without us… And they’re our friends, for God’s sake.”

Mitchell’s “mutual respect” between Texas and Mexico completely rejects the fantasy of the Trump Administration that the border is a chaotic battleground that needs to be shuttered.

Bourdain also offers some of his own worldly insight.

“Few things are uglier in the entire world of all of the places that I’ve seen,” Bourdain tells Mitchell. “Few things have been more of an indication than an utter failure of otherwise smart people to figure shit out.”

He’s right, of course. Donald Trump reflects a lonely, scared, and woefully selfish nation—one that’s entirely blinded by its own fears and naiveté. Bourdain’s world view—one curated by walking the streets of hundreds of cities on every continent—is one that will be greatly missed.

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