All Super Bowl 2019 Commercials from Budweiser to Burger King

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All Super Bowl 2019 Commercials from Budweiser to Burger King

Jan 24, 2019



Gather round and let us prepare for the Big Game. You got your guac, your chicken bites, several brands of chips, and of course the cheapest and most domestic beer you can find. Ah, America. But between plays, someone has to attempt to entertain you while also inspiring brand loyalty. Cue: the Super Bowl commercial. It’s the grandest form of “advertising art,” and yet, most run and disappear with little to no fanfare. Who will be this year’s Danica Patrick? Who will voiceover a tractor plowing a field? Time will tell. In the meantime, here’s everything we’ve been treated to thus far.


Dogs and horses, man. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You add in a little bit of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” and it feels so perfectly American that you want to reach over and grab a cold, domestic Budweiser to quench your thirst. And that little tagline at the end about how Budweiser brews with wind power is surely going to spark a debate, because what doesn’t these days?


Bumble’s Super Bowl teaser starring Serena Williams is an attention grabber because Serena is an icon. Titled #InHerCourt, the double entendre will slap you in the face: get it? Serena plays on a court. Women are the ones who start the conversation. Ball is in… yeah, you get it.

Unnamed Big Lebowski Return

So we aren’t sure what’s going on or why Jeff Bridges has returned to full The Dude status, but it’s probably fair to say that you can expect a Big Lebowski return on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s still up in the air which #brand locked in the iconic character, but the advertisers abide.


Olay has never had a Super Bowl commercial, but their first entry into the game (pun intended) looks to be a solid one. Pulling Sarah Michelle Gellar in to hone in on her horror-movie roots, #KillerSkin looks like it could be a pretty solid commercial treat.


We’ll get the full version soon enough, but Doritos is known for putting out a very entertaining 30-second spot. This year? It looks like the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper will be helping the chip giant out. I want it that way—and by that way, I mean Cooler Ranch.


Pepsi is going all out this year. They started with a teaser featuring Lil Jon, but as of recent, Steve Carrell and Cardi B have been added to the list. The whole thing will culminate on Super Bowl Sunday, but God help us all if any more big personalities are added, okurr?


Kia is coming for your favorite brand and celebrity partnerships to launch a sponsorship program and low-key shame other brands’ commercials. Kia, you messy but well-intentioned advertising machine. Just out of curiosity, how much did the commercial that shames other commercials cost to make?


Luke Wilson and his giant Luke Wilson smile are heading up Colgate’s commercial this year. It also gets you uncomfortably close to Luke Wilson. No, physically close. So close that you can’t help but be reminded how long ago Old School was.


Christina Applegate was enlisted by M&M’s for their Super Bowl commercial, and as of right now, all we know is that she gets into a tussle with whomever is inside her car locking her doors. Be careful, M&M’s: cars can get extremely hot with the windows up. Sure you don’t melt in hands, but what about leather car seats?


Everyone is starting to get a little weary of their smart speakers. Who knows who is listening?! But in this short Pringles clip, you can’t help but feel bad for Alexa or Google or whoever the hell is in that machine when she says, “I can’t taste Pringles. I can only order them.” Damn.


bubly got Michael Bublé… Oh, I get it.


Verizon is coming directly for your heart strings with its ad, “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here.” From what it looks like, it highlights some 911 calls that saved the lives of football players along the way. A woman even says, “I’m going to have to bury my child.” It’s a clear emotional play and a real slap in the face for that big chunk of Nevada who doesn’t get Verizon service.


We’re torn about Devour’s Super Bowl ad, which will decidedly not run during the Super Bowl. It’s all about frozen food porn. The concept? Hilarious. The execution? Sometimes really, really gross. The point is made without showing sticky pages and tissues, but do you, Devour.


Alex Rodriguez and Mr. Peanut are teaming up for something Super Bowl related, but outside of a game of Mouth Catch, it’s unclear what lies ahead.


Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical is touting an actual live performance as a Skittles commercial. There may be tickets. There may not. It’s got that signature Skittles weirdness, so who knows, really. But Michael C. Hall is your star, and he’s anxious and preparing for the big game performance.

Avocados from Mexico

Another strange bird of Super Bowl commercials, Avocados from Mexico is putting Kristin Chenoweth on the forefront with dogs. And dogs are great. The teasers have been all over the place, so the final product is anyone’s guess.

Burger King

It doesn’t matter what this is. The Burger King King is creepy. That’s it.

BON & VIV Spiked Seltzer

The Super Bowl isn’t just a beer man’s game anymore. The somewhat new spiked seltzer brand enlists their best mermaids for a pitch: but not just any pitch. The girls are pitching to the sharks. Actual talking sharks. And spoiler: they love spiked seltzer.

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