Adam Driver Walking Out of An NPR Interview Is Extremely Relatable

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Adam Driver Walking Out of An NPR Interview Is Extremely Relatable

Adam Driver doesn’t take boring roles. In the last few years he’s gone undercover in the KKK in BlacKkKlansmen, he’s done shirtless Forcetime in Star Wars, and he’s sung Sondheim in front of a piano bar in Marriage Story. And whether it’s a Disney blockbuster or a Oscar-poised drama, he really gives a damn in every single performance regardless of all the awkward situations he acts in.

So it really should come as no surprise that for someone like Driver, watching himself do these things isn’t his favorite pastime. He hates re-living these performances so much that The Daily Beast just revealed that Driver walked out of a Fresh Air interview after host Terry Gross tried to play his rendition of “Being Alive” in Marriage Story on air.

The Daily Beast reported that Gross’s team “was aware that Driver prefers not to listen to recordings of himself and encouraged him to remove his headphones while any clips played back.” Driver’s talked about his “phobia” of watching himself before, getting sick during the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and sitting in a greenroom during the BlacKkKlansmen debut.

Plus, you know, Driver said this to Gross when he was on Fresh Air in 2015:

“Yeah, no, I’ve watched myself or listened to myself before, then always hate it… And then wish I could change it, but you can’t. And I think I have, like, a tendency to try to make things better or drive myself and the other people around me crazy with the things I wanted to change or I wish I could change.”

Considering how raw and vulnerable Driver’s performance of “Being Alive” was in Marriage Story, and considering this was something of his musical debut—it’s hard to blame him for being incredibly uncomfortable with sitting in a room alongside strangers listening to himself sing a Sondheim song. It’s awkward stuff! Just try listening to a recording of yourself, and you’ll immediately have some sympathy for Driver’s situation.

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