6 Best 4th of July Movies 2019

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6 Best 4th of July Movies 2019


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The United States is the most beautiful country in the world. While some good ol’ Americans might celebrate the big day with cheeseburgers and fireworks, the best of us know that the real ticket to a laid back Fourth is inside a cold movie theater with a bag of popcorn bigger than your head.

That’s where Spider-Man comes in. And Swedish pagans with a startling bloodlust. And Woody from Toy Story. These are the best movies to see this Fourth of July, so celebrate the American way by reclining in a seat and staring at a screen.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Avengers is over and Spider-Man is left to pick up the pieces of a world still reeling from the loss of some of its biggest superheroes. Tom Holland continues his run as Spider-Man, while Zendaya returns as MJ. New to Far From Home though is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio, which is undoubtedly going to turn up Spider-Man a few notches.


A24 is ruining everything I care about in this world, including the day of the year when the sun stays up longest. Midsommar has made a name for itself already as one of the most terrifying films of the year. Set at the Midsommar festival in Sweden, there’s nothing like some pagan blood rituals to ruin a sunshiney day. And of course, the obvious takeaway is that you should never trust anyone in a flower crown.


I mean, this is clearly the safest choice for everyone. The premise? The Beatles cease to have ever existed after a global phenomenon. Only one man remembers their legacy and the legendary songbook they created. That knowledge launches him to superstardom, but celebrity comes with a price. No matter your opinion of the film, who doesn’t love a Beatles singalong?

Child’s Play

If Midsommar seems like too much for your horror palette, be on the lookout for Child’s Play—a remake of the inaugural film of the Chucky series. Aubrey Plaza steps into the reboot that features Chucky with Alexa-like qualities. That’s a big “no thank you” from us, but it’s a solid premise that captures the technological hellscape of 2019.

Pixar’s Toy Story 4

The original trilogy was near perfect, but Toy Story continues to find new ways to speak to multiple generations. This time, it’s pretty much on the nose: Forky’s existential dread is front and center in the fourth installment, and damn if that doesn’t cut to the core. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98 percent, it’s clear that Pixar still knows how to reach audiences.

The Dead Don’t Die

This one might be the hardest to find because it’s been out for a couple weeks, but if you’re looking for the triple threat that gives you zombies, comedy, and full absurdity, The Dead Don’t Die is your big ticket. And if that sweeping description doesn’t pull you in alone, take these five words and marinate in them: Tilda Swinton killing zombies with a samurai sword. God Bless America.

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