45 Famous Men You Didn’t Know Stood Over 6 Feet Tall

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45 Famous Men You Didn’t Know Stood Over 6 Feet Tall

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Some men in Hollywood are a lot shorter than you’d think—say, Tom Cruise, who’s been known to wear platform shoes to boost his 5’7″ stature. Then you have the Hollywood heavyweights who are way taller than expected, standing far above 5’9″, the average height for a man in the U.S. according to Healthline. Take a look at some of today’s leading men and get a better (or in this case, taller) perspective than you previously knew about them. Here are 45 celebrities you never knew were over 6 feet tall.

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Noah Centineo

Height: 6’1″

Well, here’s one of many reasons people love the man behind Peter Kavinsky.

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Shawn Mendes

Height: 6’2″

I wonder whether his growth spurt happened before or after “Señorita” came out…

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Joe Manganiello

Height: 6’5″

Given that he played a hulking werewolf on True Blood, it’s not surprising he brings with him some height.

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Snoop Dogg

Height: 6’4″

Besides being known for his music and love of cannabis, here’s a new reason to look up (literally) to the rapper.

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Ben Affleck

Height: 6’4″

He might look tall standing next to Matt Damon, but it’s shocking just how tall he is.

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Sacha Baron Cohen

Height: 6’3″

Next to his wife Isla Fisher, he can look like a giant. But now I’m thinking it might just be anybody he stands next to…

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Harry Styles

Height: 6’0″

He was the tallest member of One Direction.

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Armie Hammer

Height: 6’5″

Watch his performance in The Social Network to get a better sense of his height.

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Nick Robinson

Height: 6’1″

Having his growth spurt while starring in Melissa and Joey, Robinson’s height became a constant gag throughout the series.

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Sam Heughan

Height: 6’3″

Did everyone know that Jamie Fraser was this tall after watching Outlander, or was I the only person unaware?

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Chris Hemsworth

Height: 6’3″

Considering he’s an Avenger, it kinda makes sense that he’s so tall.

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Liam Hemsworth

Height: 6’3″

Just like his older brother, Hemsworth stands at 6’3″.

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Will Smith

Height: 6’2″

I’m curious what he ate in West Philadelphia to help with his height.

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Aaron Tveit

Height: 6’0″

He’s one of Broadway’s leading men, in talent and stature.

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Denzel Washington

Height: 6’1″

Remember the Titans? Nah—we must remember the height.

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Chris Evans

Height: 6’0″

Was height one of the requirements to being Captain America?

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John Corbett

Height: 6’5″

I should be surprised that the Sex and the City star is so tall… but I’m not.

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Chris Pratt

Height: 6’2″

Height has to be a requirement to be a part of the Marvel universe.

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Robert Pattinson

Height: 6’1″

I mean… he’s about to be Batman, so his height does make sense.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Height: 6’5″

He’s not just stronger than most people—he’s also taller.

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Machine Gun Kelly

Height: 6’5″

May I have just a sliver of his height please?

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Josh Duhamel

Height: 6’4″

Duhamel started out as a fashion model, so this makes a lot of sense.

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Conan O’Brien

Height: 6’4″

You can’t tell from behind his desk, but the late night host actually has some height to him.

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Samuel L. Jackson

Height: 6’2″

A big-time actor deserves to have some big-time height.

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Idris Elba

Height: 6’2″

Is there anything about this guy that doesn’t make him an ideal human being?

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Tyler Perry

Height: 6’5″

They say that you gotta think big in order to be big. Well, it seems like Perry benefitted from that axiom.

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Kyle Chandler

Height: 6’1″

As Coach Tayior says: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose… the height.”

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Blake Shelton

Height: 6’5″

Just watch The Voice to see his height truly shine.

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Tom Hanks

Height: 6’0″

America’s favorite actor also fits the bill as being one of the taller men in Hollywood.

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