4 Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far

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4 Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far

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Thanks to the expansion of the Best Picture category—and an overall increase in quality—action movies have become a strong contender when it comes to the Oscars and award season overall. In recent years, Arrival, Mad Max, The Martian, Inception, Gravity, and Django Unchained have all earned nods in the biggest award category. This is a genre worth keeping an eye on throughout the year, because we’ve already seen some action movies make the case for returning during award season.

4. Ready Player One

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Even though his movies have been, well, uneven lately, Steven Spielberg proved with Ready Player One that he’s still capable of making an action adventure that can transport you into the real world. Sure, the world of Ready Player One was a horrifying near-future dystopia in which everyone was entirely too logged on, but the ’80s references were fun! Just let the incredible visuals take you away and don’t think about it too hard.

3. Annihilation

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For anyone who read Jeff Vandermeer’s best-selling book of the same name, seeing Alex Garland’s adaptation might have been a confusing experience. But if you think of Garland’s version a different journey into Area X altogether, it proves as a pretty brilliant complement to the novel. There’s so much more to explore inside the Shimmer—theories about that ending are endless. But the director was able to create a beautiful and terrifying mysterious journey into the unknown. Love it or hate it, you’ll emerged from Annihilation a changed person.

2. A Quiet Place

As a parable for raising a family in a broken world, A Quiet Place takes parenting to an extremely unpleasant place. Make a noise and some psychotic monsters will kill you within seconds. It makes for one of the most agonizing experiences in the movie theater in a long time. As the director and star, John Krasinski makes some incredible and tense set pieces where silence is more than a gimmick—it’s a monster of its own. Krasinski and his IRL wife Emily Blunt give touching and powerful performances as parents raising kids in this post-apocalyptic hellscape. Let’s hope there’s a sequel.

1. Black Panther

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In the same way that The Dark Knight became an Oscar-worthy entry in the genre, Black Panther is so much more than an action movie. This is a film that given, its phenomenal commercial success, has the potential to influence the industry as a whole. It’s a film that eloquently embraces challenging ideas and packages them into a visually stunning veneer for mass consumption. Just about every scene—from the dazzling action pieces, the intricate costumes, and Kendrick Lamar’s incredible soundtrack—is pulsing with pride and life.

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