3m people watched Mayweather v McGregor on illegal livestreams

Nearly 3m people watched Mayweather v McGregor on illegal live streams


Well, almost 3 million people were able to watch the big fight for free. According to estimates around 2.93 million people were able to access the fight via illegal online broadcast.Floyd Mayweather won with a 10-round victory over Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

The fight was available through all the major social media site, such as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. If you wanted to watch the fight, in the US, then you would have had to pay $99 as it was a  pay-per-view.What’s more surprising is that people were using the big e-commerce sites to let people know about these illegal feeds.



This caused havoc for the UFC TV network and  other PPV networks. They just could not handle the increase in the number of the feeds being requested. The streaming service was actually down, with a error message

‘Due to the overwhelming volume of requests, we are unable to process your login request at this time.’

This meant that the fight start time was delayed. The networks were trying to cut the illegal  feeds by restarting the cable systems

Now if i had paid a lot of money to watch this on pay-per-view i would not be happy. And guess what, a lot of people were not happy and the forums saw a huge surge of complaints from paid customers. Social media also saw angry comments from the people who could not get their paid feed.

To be honest the networks should have known this would happen. With the way the internet is and them charging so much to watch the fight. People will find a way to watch it for free or at a really reduced price.

You can watch the highlight of the Mayweather v McGregor match below:

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