29 Photos of Harrison Ford Through the Years

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29 Photos of Harrison Ford Through the Years

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Whether you know him best as Han Solo or Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford has a career that has spanned six decades and solidified his status as a household name. Born in Chicago in 1942, Ford started out doing voice-over work and taking bit roles through the 60s and 70s. With his big break slow to arrive, he used his carpentry skills to support his family—at least, until he got cast in George Lucas’s film American Graffiti. After that his career skyrocketed and suddenly he was landing roles in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Of course, there’s more. He’s also starred in a host of other blockbuster movies like Blade Runner, Clear and Present Danger, Air Force One and The Fugitive. Here, we look back at 50 years of Ford on and off the big screen.

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Ford in his breakout role in American Graffiti, which was also the first big hit movie for director George Lucas.

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Ford seen here with his Star Wars cast mates Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

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Ford spotted by the paparazzi in NYC with first wife Mary Marquardt. You can spot George Lucas with his then wife Marcia Griffin in the background.

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All cleaned up for a press conference with his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher.

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Ford chilling in his hot tub in his Los Angeles home during a photoshoot.

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Ford just casually strolling around near his house for a photoshoot.

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A still of Ford as Rick Deckard in the movie Blade Runner.

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Ford with second wife Melissa Mathison walking in Los Angeles.

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Showing off the woodworking skills that helped him support his family before he got his big break in Hollywood.

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Giving off some English professor vibes at the premiere of Working Girl in Los Angeles.

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Ford (pictured with wife Mathison) donned some statement sunglasses for the Warner Bros. Studio Rededication.

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Ford with co-star Sela Ward at the LA premiere of The Fugitive.

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Not sure what is happening style-wise here with either Steven Spielberg or Harrison Ford, but they are posed with producer Kathleen Kennedy.

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Usually clean-shaven, or a scruffy looking nerf herder, Ford went bold with this mustache at the premiere of Sabrina.

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Typically Ford saves the patterns for his ties, but here he went full out with a dizzying dotted button-down shirt.

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Showing off his Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

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Ford can fly more than just the Millennium Falcon, as a a pilot he used his pilot skills in his helicopter to help rescue a missing boy scout in Wyoming.

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Looking like he’s trying to serve his Devil’s Own co-star some drinks at the Golden Globe Awards.

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Ford on the red carpet for the premiere of his film K-19: The Widowmaker with his new girlfriend (and now wife) Calista Flockhart.

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Goofing around with his Hollywood Homicide co-star Josh Hartnett while presenting awards at the MTV Movie Awards.

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Looking fairly dapper as he debuted his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Enjoying the city of Venice with his girlfriend Calista Flockhart during the Venice Film Festival.

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Some more questionable facial hair on Ford at an awards dinner, where he reunited with directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

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He often comes across a little grumpy, but he’s truly a good sport. Here he dressed in some Indiana Jones-style garb to get slimed at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

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Honored with the Living Legends of Aviation Award for his work as a pilot here on Earth, not for doing the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

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Want to get two stoic guys to smile? Put them on horses! David Letterman and Ford riding horses around the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

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He joined his chef son Ben at the Los Angeles Missions’s Christmas Eve for the Homeless to serve meals to those in need.

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Hanging out with his Star Wars pals Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher before their panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.

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Seen recently in a tux presenting an award at the 93rd Annual Academy Awards.

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