12 Best Hulu Shows You Can Binge

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12 Best Hulu Shows You Can Binge


If you’re not regularly diving into Hulu, then we have some news for you: you’re missing out. Yes, everyone tends to think Netflix-first when it comes to finding a good series on a streaming platform, but the secret with Hulu is that though the catalog of available series may not be extensive, it is rich. There’s also a very good chance that if you can’t find your favorite, like Lost, on Netflix, it’s because it’s hiding over in Hulu’s territory. That green app on your smart TV may not be top of mind when you sit down at night for a binge watch, but if you do a little snooping, you’ll find a whole bunch of gems. (You’ll also find the entire series of Reba, so… you’re welcome.)

With a mix of original programming and niche favorites, Hulu’s line up is diverse considering its size. Start the night by draining all hope from your body with an episode of Handmaid’s Tale. Then, build yourself back up with a rewatch (or first time viewing, if you’re so fortunate) of Happy Endings. We did the work so you don’t have to; here are a dozen perfect nuggets to take in on Hulu, whenever you’re ready.

Happy Endings

If you’ve never watched the ill-fated Happy Endings, all three seasons are available on Hulu. It’s like Friends, but enjoyable. Fun fact: ABC botched the roll out and aired episodes out of order, so the first season doesn’t quite make sense (wonder why it was cancelled after Season Three?), but you can find the correct order online. This is the perfect light watch that won’t make you feel as sad as, say, one particular Elisabeth Moss show.

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Castle Rock

Hulu knows when they have a good thing, and sticking with Stephen King’s horror canon? That’s a damn good thing for the platform. Two seasons deep, Castle Rock explores the world of Castle Rock, Maine and the horrifying goings on that happen there. Season Two in particular had quite the Misery bent, so if you’re a King fan, this is a must-watch.

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Fancy actor in a limited series? That’s becoming a Hulu specialty. George Clooney, the ultimate movie star, braved the waters and returned to TV in Catch-22, Hulu’s adaptation of the book of the same name. It didn’t get the critical fanfare that some of Hulu’s other limited series brethren got, but damn if it’s not a good watch, if for no other reason than to see Clooney acting his ass off.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

Do you love to feel sad? Miss the fine line between dystopian fantasy and dystopian reality? Then do we have a show for you. In all seriousness, The Handmaid’s Tale is an incredible series with even more incredible acting—even if it does veer a bit too close to home. Trudging through some of its sadder plot points is worth it though, because as of Season Three, these once-enslaved women are fighting back.

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PEN15, the series that follows two teens of the 2000s (played by grown-ass adult women) and how they interact with their peers (who are actual teenagers), seemed to come out of no where last year. It’s a bit bizarre, but it’s also hilarious. A firm departure from the prestige-grabby kind of fare all over television today, PEN15 is sharply funny and absolutely worth your time.

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We. Have. To. Go. Back.

If you noticed that the J.J. Abrams show from the 2000s is off Netflix, it’s because Lost has a new home. Following a group of survivors of Oceanic 815, the ABC saga is now on Hulu for your consumption. Don’t get too caught up in the questions though; I promise, they don’t matter in the end.

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Killing Eve

Cat and mouse is perfected in Killing Eve. Following MI5 agent Eve Polastri, the BBC America series dives into the complex world of a sociopath, played beautifully by Jodie Comer. Now that the series is more established, you can watch the drama exclusively on Hulu. Considering that it’s already been renewed for a fourth season before the third season has even been released, you should get caught up. Fast.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg’s Fox-turned-NBC comedy is some of the best sitcom TV you can find on television these days. Following the fictional 99th precinct in Brooklyn, Detective Peralta (Samberg) and his confidants keep Brooklyn safe(-ish) while also managing to crack you up. You’d be hard pressed to find a more cohesive cast out there right now, drama or comedy.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race

Drag Race is unlike any reality show on television—there’s a reason it keeps sweeping at the Emmys every year. While it may not strike you as your cup of tea, the reality competition where only the best drag queen can wear the crown is as charming as it is addictive. After a few episodes, you’ll be saying, “I’d like to keep it on please.”

Once you get to Season Nine, you’ll get that joke.

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Ramy is one of those special shows that flies under the radar, but if its recent Golden Globe win is an indicator, it is absolutely the show you should be watching right now. Following the titular character through his life in New Jersey, the series is all about life as a second-generation Egyptian-American in New Jersey.

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This Kat Dennings comedy is only a couple months old, but it’s very much worth your attention. Following a break up, Jules Wiley (Dennings) has to enter the world of singledom again. But it’s not what you think. Yeah, it’s hard to start dating again, but after a long term relationship, she’s come to realize that the friends she left in her wake may not be the same people she left before.

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Veronica Mars

You Marshmallows love a good sleuth reboot. After years off the air, Veronica Mars returned to television for one final season. With that came the first three seasons where fans fell in love with the high schooler-turned-investigator. Kristen Bell is as delightful (if not more so?) in the reboot as she’s always been, but be warned. That final season is explosive.

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