10 Best Shark Movies of All Time From Jaws to The Shallows

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10 Best Shark Movies of All Time From Jaws to The Shallows

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10. Shark Tale

Not all sharks are mean and scary. Jack Black lends his voice, alongside an all-star cast, as a vegetarian shark in this animated flick. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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9. Jaws: The Revenge

In the third (!) sequel to the Spielberg classic, a great white shark hunts the family of Jaws hero Martin Brody. It’s ridiculous, but fun. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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8. Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Eighties pop-star Debbie Gibson stars as an oceanographer who makes two major discoveries: a mega shark and a giant octopus. And, naturally, the two beasts must fight to the death.

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7. 47 Meters Down

Claire Holt and Mandy Moore brave the deep, dark waters off the shore of Mexico. What could possibly go wrong? (You know what could go wrong.) Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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6. Spring Break Shark Attack

Dim-witted frat guys. Ditzy co-eds. The most hilariously straight-forward movie title you’ll ever find.

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5. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

The true story of the crew members on the USS Indianapolis depicts a fight for survival in the shark-infested waters of the Philippine Sea in this WWII drama. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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4. Deep Blue Sea

Scientists are presumably smart people, generally speaking, although when they fuck with nature—and, say, created genetically superior sharks—things never quite go as planned. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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3. Open Water

You should always do a headcount when you lead a scuba diving excursion. Otherwise, you’ll likely leave a few swimmers stranded in the open water, where they’ll turn into shark food.

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2. The Shallows

If you’ve ever wanted to see Blake Lively yell “fuck you!” to a shark, this is the film for you. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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1. Jaws

Imagine, for a moment, a list of the best shark movies that didn’t put Jaws at the top. Spielberg’s breakthrough practically invented the genre, and it’s still the best. Buy/rent on Amazon and iTunes.

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