Indomitable Good Guy Harry Lewis (better known as wroetoshaw) is doing his part to encourage Britain’s school kids to aim higher.

The 18-year-old YouTube gamer just announced he will give £50 ($78) to any student who tweets him proof that they received top grades (either A or A*) in all of their GCSEs.

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a series of qualifications British students receive when they complete secondary/high school. Almost 700,000 students across the United Kingdom will receive their GCSE exam results today (August 20).

Just under 4,000 students received all A*’s in their GCSEs last year. And if that number holds steady, it means Harry could be on the hook for more than £200,000. A significant chunk of change for the gamer, whose annual income is believed to be in excess of £900,000 per year.

So far, Harry has already doled out £300 to the high achieving students that have already tweeted him, and he’s still going.

Honestly, if Harry is paying out £50, then KSI should be offering at least £100.



After paying out £550 ($860), it looks like he’s done for the day.