An x-rated video featuring Vine star Carter Reynolds has his IG-famous ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann has leaked online.

The video clearly shows Carter’s penis as he tried to encourage his then girlfriend to perform a sex act on him while the camera was rolling. Maggie, who is currently 17 but is believed to have been 16 when the video was recorded, remains fully clothed and says “this makes me so uncomfortable,” early in the video.

Carter ignores her discomfort and tries to pressure her into it, saying “just pretend it [the camera] isn’t there” and chanting “Do it, do it.” Thankfully she doesn’t fall for it and tells him no.

While the former couple have broken up and made up many times before, their most recent break-up was particularly ugly after Maggie publicly suggested that she dumped him because: “…He yells at me if I don’t do what he wants, or if I do anything he doesn’t like… He tells me to STFU and doesn’t let me do stuff.” Carter also shared his belief that Maggie started ‘sexting’ with her ex-boyfriend the same week his dog Winnie died, and lied to him about the state of their relationship, which sparked a huge reaction from fans on Twitter and Instagram.

I guess we’ll never know why Carter thought soliciting a sex act from a minor on camera was a good idea, but the fans have gone crazy over the leak. “Carter” also trended worldwide for hours as millions of MagCon fans watched the video in shock.

Neither Carter nor Maggie has commented on the video, and it’s unclear exactly how the video leaked.