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Rappers Make Millions Doing This…

This guy has got to win at life. Somehow he’s managed to amass an estimated net worth of $10 Million doing… This…

Lyrics: Bow (x50). SQUADDDDD. FLOCKA. What up, Gotti? North. On the bottom. FLOCKA. WHAT? Bow (x14). OOOOOOooooohhhh. Get em'(x4) , Flockaveli. WHAT? WHAT? Hyuh (x5). FLOCKA *cackling* Flocka waka flocka flocka waka waka (x3) hyuh, HYUHhhh. Nigga. NOPE. How? Fuck it. Riverdalllllleeeeee. Brick Squaddddddddd. UYYHHHHHUUUHHHHH. Bow bow bow bow. Waka Flocka.

Check out the final song here:



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