British YouTuber LukesBeans Accused Of Harassing Minors

British YouTube vlogger Luke Chatterton, better known as LukesBeans, has been accused of harassing minors.

A Twitter user that goes by the name of Alexis (@idleteenhs) used the platform to talk about her experiences with the 19-year old YouTuber.

“Earlier this year, lukesbeans on youtube started dm’ing me,” she wrote. “It was obvious he took a liking towards me. He knew I was 14 and at the time… He took advantage of the fact I was 14 and made me feel pressurised into sexting him… (sic)”

Alexis also shared a series of abusive Facebook messages she received from Chatterton, including one which appeared to contain a threat of violence against her. She addressed this in her tweets, writing: “He also threatened to hit me and my friends at SitC because he knew I was attending. This was a horrible time for me.”

LukesBeans FB Messages Alexis

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Another Twitter user that goes by the name of Isabel (@xisabellelouise) saw Alexis’ tweets, and went on to share her own story. She had apparently unfollowed Chatterton on Twitter when, “He started getting pretty nasty… saying things about how I was attention seeking, and should kill myself or cut myself for unfollowing him.”

Isabel also shared her history with mental illness in her account of events, explaining that Luke took advantage of this and encouraged her to commit suicide: “He saw that I tweeted that I was feeling suicidal… so he started saying how I should just swallow the pills and overdose anyway.”

Shockingly, Chatterton was once one of the most vocal critics of YouTubers like Sam Pepper and Jason Sampson (VeeOneEye), who have had multiple allegations of harassment and assault levied against them. He even encouraged others to come forward if they have been the victim of abuse by a YouTuber, and now it seems some of his own fans are doing just that. It’s incredibly sad that stories like this have become all too familiar now that dozens of YouTubers have been implicated in allegations of abuse and assault.

Before these revelations, Chatterton enjoyed a relatively good reputation within the UK YouTube community. Even if you aren’t as familiar with his content as his 40,000 subscribers, you’ve likely seen his comments; which regularly appear as the top comment on videos by much more popular British YouTubers like Jake Boys and Aflie Dayes (PointlessBlog).

In response to the allegations, the 19-year-old, who lives in Northamptonshire, England and is partnered with Maker Studios via SocialBlade, has deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and made all the videos on his YouTube channel private.

Update: Chatterton has admitted to sending “indecent images” to fans in DanIVlog’s latest video: